HUGE success on QVC selling out 7 hours early as Today's Special Value

Clint Hughes

CMO, SVP Marketing – Offline & Digital Online Acquisition Marketing Automation

Insanity – trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
CMO – getting great results and trying different tactics/strategies over and over to get better results.

** Doubled the world’s largest B2C online eCommerce website for precious metals/financial services from $700 million to $1.4 billion in a year.
** Quadrupled an international B2B services provider in the healthcare sector to the mid 10 figures in sales in two years.
** Took a consumer electronics company from $1.5 million in Angel Investor seed money to international distribution and $10 million in sales in 18 months.

I have Marketed Products and Services any way possible, through every B2C and B2B channel – and I teach/mentor others how to do it at international conventions and at universities.

One of the few CMO level Marketing Executives who learned online digital marketing “hands-on” from “the code level up” – over a decade ago

Proven ability to build, lead and mentor award-winning Marketing and Sales teams to record-setting results in the Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Financial Services and Hospitality industries by:

– Integrating online digital marketing initiatives (Pay Per Click-PPC, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Social Media / Mobile / Content / email marketing)

– With offline channels (writing, producing, directing, placing and tracking – TV, radio, print) and sales teams (generate leads , collateral materials, training field reps and call centers, Sales Channel Management)

* The Formula – Data, Decisions, Strategy, Tactics, Execution, Tracking, ROI, Repeat
This is how I get such positive, dramatic results, rapidly.

If your Marketing department does not fail occasionally, they are not trying everything they can do to drive revenue.

Has your Marketing leader driven $80k in sales in 51 seconds on CNN? $2 million in sales in 93 seconds on QVC? I have.

Marketing Consultant, Award-winning Marketing: PPC, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, DRTV, DR radio, DR print, email. eCommerce expert.