Clint Hughes Marketing Executive B2B B2C

CMO / SVP / Vice President of Marketing – B2B or B2C

Data → Decisions → Strategy → Tactics → Execution → Tracking → ROI → Repeat

Healthcare | Financial Services | Consumer Products

Few Marketing Executives know Digital Marketing “from the code level up” and are capable of drilling all the way down to work on html code for SEO, if needed.  With over 18 years of “hands-on” Digital Marketing experience in B2B, B2C and B2B2C, I know what the team, the techs and the digital vendors should do and how they should do it, making me a unique leader/mentor of the team and manager of the resources.

I’ve been riding this wave of digital Marketing transformation from the very beginning, from spearheading DirecTV/Primestar’s entry into eCommerce to creating/executing some of the first mass email marketing. Drove customer base from 400k to 10M+ through 2,500 direct sales reps and 5,000+ retail locations in over 97 Nielsen markets through DRTV, DR radio, DR print, outdoor, promotions, events, and sales support.

A blend of start-up and Fortune 500 experience, executing unique tactics in ALL marketing channels. An unrivaled and deep understanding of SEO and PPC from the code level up. Integrated marketing strategies driving revenues in healthcare, financial services, consumer products and hospitality.

Due to my successes as the VP of Marketing at MediGain, I was asked to speak at the B2B LeadsCon in NYC on “Lead Acquisition: Finding the Right Prospects” – helping my Marketing Executive peers understand how social, mobile, SEO, and lead nurturing can drive client acquisition.

Following that, I was asked to present for a FierceCMO international webinar on the topic of “Boosting B2B Demand Gen Efforts” instructing BOTH B2C and B2B marketers, on the newest technologies and best practices for leveraging these technologies to manage the customer experience and drive sales.

Governmental Liaison – Healthcare and Homeland Security
*FDA approval of a new device to treat Carpal Tunnel.
*In DC, I lobbied for and obtained Congressional endorsement/approval from “both sides of the aisle” for the $7 million IPSEP program.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how I can impact your growth.

Clint Hughes

16 year Mentor – SMU Cox School of Business teaching MBA students digital marketing and leadership skills.
Digital Marketing – B2B. B2C, B2B2C
Marketing Automation
Direct-to-Consumer Marketing
Direct Response Advertising – TV, radio, print
Lead Generation / Customer Acquisitionn
Brand Management
Programmatic Advertising
Strategic Planning & Execution
B2C & B2B Marketing Strategy
Client Relationship Management
Digital Marketing, PPC, SEO, SEM, SMM
Revenue & Profit Growth
Multi-million-Dollar Budgets
New Product Launches
Customer Experience & Success



Marketing Consultant B2B B2C Digital Marketing: PPC, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, DRTV, DR radio, DR print, email. eCommerce expert.