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The B2B Marketing to Sales Flying Trapeze

This is the second post I promised Arianna Huffington @ariannahuff after we bantered back and forth during a conference in Washington D.C.

The B2B Marketing to Sales Flying Trapeze

Under the Big Top of the corporate circus the most breathtaking act is the Marketing to Sales Flying Trapeze.  First, Marketing and Sales get on their swings and begin to rock.  While Marketing is building momentum through various advertising channels, Sales builds momentum through product knowledge training.  When they get in sync, close enough, the act can begin.

As a potential customer stands on the platform, Marketing swings close enough to grab them, if only for a minute, so they can swing closer to Sales.  With planning and instinct Marketing let’s the customer go flying towards Sales…now here’s where it gets interesting.  We must consider the dynamic of human interaction.

In today’s eCommerce digital world a B2C marketer can find, attract, nurture, lead and close the customer without any human interaction.  With shopping cart abandonment we can even catch those who have fallen from the trapeze into the net and bring them back into the sales funnel.

In the B2B world Sales takes the leads and swings them onto the platform of a closed sale.  With the dynamic of human interaction the number of possibilities is endless.  A phrase, a look, an email just about anything can make the Sales funnel sticky or slick.

But, in the B2B world you want your Sales team to get to that personal human interaction as quickly as possible.  The ease and speed of the sale will be directly proportional to the amount of  informative and motivational materials Marketing can get in front of the prospect.

The Marketing to Sales Flying Trapeze is getting more sophisticated with tools like, lead scoring and lead nurturing. Marketing can track and retarget, Sales can resurrect cold leads and ask for referrals from existing clients.

Circus performers on the flying trapeze don’t climb to the apex of the Big Top without first practicing.  Marketing and Sales must communicate every step of the way. I’ve always made it a point to carry potential clients throughout the process, taking on the role of the salesperson. I believe this provides greater insight into the type of tools and collateral materials the sales teams will need to overcome objections and close the sale.

To use another analogy – the Sales people are the gunslingers, Marketing supplies the horses, the saddles and the bullets.


Attribution in Online Marketing

For decades marketers have argued, “What is the value of a billboard on the side of the highway?” It is very hard (if not impossible) to attribute what revenue is generated by that billboard.

Now, we argue, “What is the TRUE value of the display ad that I bought on the XYZ web site?’ Few people click on display ads, BUT they do make an impression. Historically, Google has been “a last click in” attribution model. Someone might have visted your site numerous times coming from a display ad, or organic search results, or a PPC ad, or through a link on a blog. But if you were to look at your Google Analytics the revenue would only be attributed to the last way that person came to your site and converted.

So, if they came from a PPC ad you would be able to see revenue and conversion rates – then figure out your net net revenue. BUT, if they click on four different PPC ads and then came to you from an organic search result – the analytics would show low effectiveness of your PPC campaign but good results through organic search rankings.

To complicate the process even more – several of the anti-virus programs that your customer may have on their computer will erase the cookies after 28 to 31 days. Therefore, they appear as a new customer to Google Analytics when they are in fact a returning customer.

Google is now trying to address this with an enhanced program, with a considerable price tag. Omniture also attempts to attribute the proper amount of revenue to the different points of contact throughout the decision making process.

I have found a company that has a very sophisticated process to track the traffic to your site and keep that data for long periods of time. Since this product does NOT rely on cookies to track the customer, you can see the customers decision process throughout the sales funnel.

Would you like to drive BILLIONS in revenue using just a few million in digital marketing dollars? I can prove that it can be done.



SEO and precious metals

 I apologize to you, my readers, for it being so long between my posts.  I have been extremely busy since accepting the position of Sr. Vice President of Marketing for the American Precious Metals Exchange

There is a whole different strategy that is needed when you have to optimize for very competitive keywords.  What I have said in previous posts hold true.  The execution is slightly different.

You need consistency without duplication, and variety within the consistency.  I know it sounds like a puzzle, but in a highly competitive market I can’t let the competition know my secrets.

You can always get to me through my contact page.  I’ll be posting again soon.