Clint Hughes Marketing and Growth Executive resume


“Ontergrated” marketing – integrating all your online and offline Marketing and Sales channels.

From DirecTV to Data Drive Thru (DDT) to APMEX to MediGain and The CMO Club, Clint has excelled in driving revenue for start-up and high-growth companies. He has a history of rapidly increasing revenue through marketing and sales strategies/tactics that have been proven successful in four different industries. Clint has been able to build, lead and mentor teams to record-setting results by integrating online (PPC, SEO, SEM, SMM, eCommerce, analytics, affiliates, and email) with offline channels (TV, radio, print) and sales teams (field reps, call centers) for B2C and B2B companies in the financial services / precious metals investing, consumer electronics, healthcare, and hospitality industries.

From generating record-setting sales as the on-air company spokesperson on QVC and HSN to manipulating corporate websites for SEO, Clint has always found a way direct-to-the-consumer that generates excitement and REVENUE – whether that consumer is a customer sitting on their couch (B2C) or an executive running his business (B2B).

** Doubled the world’s largest B2C online eCommerce website for precious metals/financial services from $700 million to $1.4 billion in a year.
** Grew revenue at a B2B healthcare services provider by 10X in three years through content marketing, lead generation and marketing automation.
** Took a consumer electronics company from $1.5 million in Angel Investor seed money to international distribution and $10 million in sales in 18 months.

Clint has Marketed Products and Services any way possible, through every B2C and B2B channel – and he teaches/mentors others how to do it at international conventions and at universities.

One of the few CMO level Marketing Executives who learned online digital marketing “hands-on” from “the code level up” – before there was Google AdWords or Google Analytics.

Proven ability to build, lead and mentor award-winning Marketing and Sales teams to record-setting results in the Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Financial Services and Hospitality industries by:

* The Formula – Data, Decisions, Strategy, Tactics, Execution, Tracking, ROI, Repeat
This is how he gets such positive, dramatic results, rapidly.

If your Marketing department does not fail occasionally, they are not trying everything they can do to drive revenue.

Has your Marketing leader driven $80k in sales in 51 seconds on CNN? $2 million in sales in 93 seconds on QVC? I have.
A few career highlights include:

  • 20 years of online/eCommerce marketing experience including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Strategy, PPC (Pay per click), CRM, analytics and managing web site building teams.
  • Award-winning multi-channel marketing campaigns for Consumer Electronics companies like DirecTV (driving $150 million in MONTHLY revenue) and Data Drive Thru (from pre-launch to millions in revenue in one year).
  • Led global expansions through business development within turn-around, start-up and high-growth environments resulting in an expansion into Canada, the UK, the EU, India, and the Pacific Rim.
  • Generated over $3 million of advertising/PR coverage for an opening in Australia by conceiving and executing the “Hop-till-You Drop” competition to set the Guinness World’s Record for One-Footed-Non-Stop-Hopping.
  • On-air company rep on QVC & HSN driving $4+ million in sales in less than two years.
  • Featured speaker at international industry conventions from Kuala Lumpur to NYC on a variety of marketing and business development topics including SEO – Search Engine Optimization, “How to Wheel and Deal, the Art of Negotiation” and “Buying Media for Top Results.”
  • National marketing awards in 1988, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2006 and 2007 for results.