Promotion to pay for lease in Trump Tower with Gold Bullion

APMEX – $700M to $1.4B in 1 year w/only $6M AdWords
JM Bullion – from Page 10 to #1 Google SERP in 18 months

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Many CMOs lament about their “product becoming a commodity.” Try selling THE commodity, the toughest product to sell, GOLD! You cannot have a 25% off sale with gold – the world markets dictate the cost per ounce.  Here are two of my clients coming is as the top 2 organic results on Google – January 21st, 2017, still there more than five years after implementing my “Above-The-Fold” Strategy

APMEX – the world’s largest B2C eCommerce retail website for consumers to diversify their portfolios through precious metals.

Developing all creative and executing all marketing and advertising.
Digital Marketing – Marketing Attribution, PPC, SEO, social media, mobile, email and affiliate marketing.

Traditional – TV, radio, print. PR, promotions, sales collateral, sales support, call centers

• Increased revenue by 100% to $1.4B in one year through complete overhaul of PPC and SEO structure of website; increased ROI by 113% and lowered CPA by 26%.
• Doubled emailed revenue from $10M to $20M per month (within first 90 days) and grew social media channel from zero to $5M.
• Reinvested ROI from newly created PPC strategy into high-value keywords, growing PPC spend from $50K to $650K per month while boosting overall revenue significantly.
• Launched the world’s largest mobile eCommerce site with shoe string budget of $270K and an accelerated timeline of 10 days; attained record-setting $170M in monthly sales and gained national TV exposure on Bloomberg and CNN.
• Positioned company in Top 3 organic results for Google, driving thousands of clicks and millions in revenue.
• Introduced affiliate channel, delivering $1M per week in sales.
• Achieved 300% improvement in rate of registrations by creating and implementing acquisition and cross marketing program, “Register to Win a Gold American Eagle Coin” promotion.
• Increased the Sales Department’s percentage of revenue from 2% in 2010 to 27% in 2011 by driving calls into the call center through Sales Support, Sales Training, PPC, SEO, SEM and email marketing.
• Developed company’s first Lifetime Value of a Customer model for greater segmentation, thus increasing revenue.

Promo to use Gold for the deposit on lease in Trump Tower