Data Drive Thru

Data Drive Thru – How do you take an idea from the CEO’s head for a new computer peripheral, turn it into a product, win THE award at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), get on CNN, QVC, HSN and generate $10,000,000 of international sales through 6,000+ retail outlets in only 18 months?

Below is a video demo where we had two Microsoft Certified techs against the Data Drive Thru team of an 8-year-old-girl and a chimp.  This video helped us win the Last Gadget Standing competition at the Consumer Electronics Show.  Being named “Best Gadget on the Planet” gave a huge boost to the launch.

HUGE success selling The Tornado on QVC July 5, 2007 the “Today’s Special Value”  I’ve been up 38 hours straight – I really did think one of my friends was trying “to punk” me with the call-in question.

Here is the launch on QVC where I sell The Tornado on this LIVE shopping channel. This turned out to be one of the most successful launches in QVC history. (You can see my disappointment that we sell out so quickly). NOTE – at the beginning are the “teasers” that aired before I went on screen.

We needed a different name and a different configuration to sell on HSN and the Shopping Channel in Canada. We teamed up with the Wiley people for the PC to PC File Transfer For Dummies.

Here is the two minute infomercial of The Tornado. Written, produced and directed by Clint Hughes  Marketing

Here is a one minute version where we had the President/CEO/Founder/Inventor issue a challenge. “If you can connect two computers and transfer data faster than The Tornado, I pay you $100,000 dollars.” Many inquired but no one would/could take us up on the challenge.

Here’s the Two minute version of the $100,000 Challenge

The Retail Video Loop. I took elements of the previous videos/infomercials. I designed and sourced POS displays that had a 7″ video screen in the top (picture of the retail POS display below this video). This not only educated the consumer, it educated the sales people on the floor. Sales at the retailer increased 15X. Moral of the story: Show and tell = SALES!

Here is the video POS that was placed in a major electronics retailer.

Retail POS

This increased sales by 15 times

Retail Packaging
Here are examples of the retail packaging for the Data Drive Thru product line.

The Tornado Retail Blister Pack

Available in over 4,000 retail locations

Here is the PC to PC Filr Transfer For Dummies retail package

PC to PC File Transfer For Dummies retail packaging

Same patented technology as The Tornado – just a different configeration and packaging so it could be sold on HSN and the Shopping Channel

Here is the “but wait – there’s MORE!” offer for both the DRTV spots and the units we sold on QVC, HSN and the Shopping Channel

PC Eraser

The added value of $29.95 with each purchase of The Tornado

Here is the retail packaging on the best PC protection software

PC Armor Retail Box

The best way to protect your new PC.