MediGain, Healthcare B2B – $3M to $50M – Sales Support

What do you do? How do you do it? What makes you different?
You need to provide collateral material your Sales team can use to present and sell. Your Sales people can “sell off the page” walking the prospect through a complicated process. In the very beginning, I hit the road and met with a dozen of our biggest clients asking “How can we best represent the process?” What matters is what works for the customer. In 2012, nobody was showing the revenue cycle in a circular format, now most RCM providers use a similar format. If you want to know the VOC (Voice of the Customer) you need to ask!

Extending the brand into SaaS, MediGain InSights

As healthcare gets more complicated, it is not a practice – it is a business. Data driven decisions can improve healthcare.

For a more complicated process, more of a flow.
Conventions give you valuable face-to-face opportunities.

Greet them at the front and then walk them to the back of the booth. The Sales people can stand and present, taking the prospect through the whole process – and then give them collateral materials to reinforce the presentation.