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Few Marketing Executives know B2B / B2C / B2B2C digital marketing from the “code level up” for SEO/PPC and can write, produce, direct, place and track TV, radio and print. A blend of start-up and Fortune 500 experience, in ALL marketing channels. Tactical “hands-on” execution created a better leader/mentor of the team and manager of vendor resources because I really have “been there and done that.” Highly skilled in developing/executing strategic marketing initiatives nationwide and internationally. Great acquisition marketing leads to great branding – you are driving revenue and building your reputation. Experience and strategy, reinforced by data, with proven tactics equals results.   

McKinsey & Company engaged me to consult with them regarding eCommerce, Marketing Automation, and Web Content Development. I’ve been riding this wave of digital Marketing transformation from the very beginning, from spearheading DirecTV/Primestar’s entry into eCommerce to creating/executing some of the first mass email marketing. We drove the customer base from 400k to 10M+ through 2,500 direct sales reps and 5,000+ retail locations in over 97 Nielsen markets through DRTV, DR radio, DR print, outdoor, promotions, events, and sales support.


Total P&L of $50M+ Budgets
eCommerce, PPC, SEO, SEM, SMM
Worldwide Speaker – Digital Marketing
B2B Healthcare Services
Worldwide Brand Launches
Direct Response – TV, radio, digital
B2C Financial Services
Public Relations, Promotions
Analytics, Attribution Modeling
B2C Consumer Electronics
Strategic Planning/Execution
Sales Channel Management


The CMO Club · Plano, TX and Tampa, FL     2018 to Present

B2C/B2B Recurring revenue membership model – The World’s Premier Organization for Marketing Leaders.

Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Member Engagement

Brought on to build and Marketing and Sales organization, Digital Ecosystem and Partnership Programs

  • 90% retention rate – working with 29 Chapter President around the World to grow membership and engagement.
  • Increased growth rate by 20% within 6 months, doubled leads and tripled
  • Led and facilitated roundtable discussions with some of the world’s top CMOs on every area of Marketing: from AI to ABM; from Leadership to Staffing; from B2B to B2C to B2B2C.
  • Developed LeadGen, Acquisition/Conversion and Retention processes in Salesforce, Pardot and HubSpot.
  • Subject Matter Expert on Organizational Change, Upgrading Technology, Building the Marketing Digital Eco-Systems.

CH Consulting · Plano, Texas             2017
Engagements based on “needs and availability” since 2001                          

Implementation and Execution of the Latest in Digital Marketing Technology

B2B / B2C / B2B2C Marketing Strategy and Execution for companies in several verticals. Select client highlights include: 

 McKinsey and Company engaged me to advise them on “real world” implementation of Web Content Development, Marketing Automation and eCommerce platforms within Medium to Enterprise sized companies.

The Coleman Group, Guidepoint Global and Ford Management – Advising other consulting groups on how the latest in Marketing technology affects the Marketing, Sales, Ops and Finance departments.

The CMO Club – developing acquisition/retention processes, building the website/CRM integration, and developing the organizations entire digital ecosystem.

MediGain 2012 – 2017
A B2B healthcare consultancy / medical billing and reimbursement provider for physicians, ASCs and hospitals.

VP of Marketing/CMO – Lead Generation, SEM, SEO, PPC, Public Relations, Strategic Alliances and Sales Support

Building the Marketing Department from “the ground up” developing and executing all marketing, advertising, public relations and strategic alliances. Member of the Executive Management Team. Online/Digital – Content Marketing, PPC, SEM, SMM, email, social media, webinars. Offline – TV, radio, print, public relations, strategic alliances, sales collateral, sales support, and sales training.
• Revenue has grown 10X within three years through organic growth and acquisition to over $50 million.
• Organic growth through Sales and Marketing at over 20% – over 135% of Sales and Marketing goals.
• Complete P&L responsibility for building and managing the first Marketing and Sales “fully burdened” budget.
• Designed the new website with Marketing Automation and integrated Inbound/Outbound Content Marketing.
• Integrated all Marketing and Lead Generation into for lead tracking and nurturing. Established all KPIs, reporting and sales funnel management.
• Responsible for seeking, generating and nurturing strategic alliances with complementary healthcare industry services providers. These alliances are now responsible for 25% of corporate revenue and growing.
• Responsible for assessing the market viability of possible acquisitions. After acquisition, responsible for blending the marketing and sales culture into the corporate culture and strategic plan.
• Corporate spokesperson to all media and developed the company’s first public relations strategy and webinars.
• Creation and supervision of the Executive Sponsor program for client retention.

APMEX 2010 – 2012
The world’s largest B2C eCommerce retail website for consumer financial services / precious metals investing.

Sr. Vice President of Marketing/CMO – eCommerce, PPC, SEO, SMM, Affiliates, Mobile, Email, DRTV, DR Radio

Developed and executed all marketing and advertising. Member of the Executive Management Team. Online/Digital – PPC, SEO, SMM, mobile, email, affiliate marketing. Offline – TV, radio, print, PR, promotions, sales collateral, call centers.
• Doubled revenue from $700 million to $1.4 billion by revamping all PPC and SEO strategies and execution.
• Doubled the margins through strategic marketing of semi-numismatic offerings through PPC, blogs and SEO.
• Produced and executed the nationwide launch of the world’s largest mobile eCommerce site for precious metals investing (which included national print, radio, mobile advertising and additional/modification to existing PPC/AdWords/display online campaigns) in only 10 calendar days – producing $170 million in revenue (the company’s previous best month had been $100 million).
• Over 100% increase in email revenue from $10 million to over $20 million a month within the first 120 days.
• 300% increase in rate of registrations by conceiving and implementing a program of acquisition and cross marketing, the “Register to Win a Gold American Eagle Coin” promotion.
• Increased the Sales Department’s percentage of corporate revenue from 2% in 2010 ($14 million) to 27% in 2011 ($378 million) by driving consumers into the call center via PPC, SEO, SEM and email marketing.
• Developed the company’s social media program including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and the corporate blog driving over $5 million in revenue.

Data Drive Thru 2005 – 2010
A Start-Up B2C Consumer Electronics hardware and software solution for PC-2-Mac-2-PC data transfer.

Sr. Vice President of Marketing/CMO – Sales Channel Management, Retail Distribution, Live Shopping TV, SEO

Developed and executed all marketing and advertising. Member of the Executive Management Team. Offline – DRTV, DR radio, DR print, Live TV Shopping Channels, PR, promotions, sales collateral, sales support, call centers, national and international retail distribution. Online/Digital – PPC, SEM, SEO, SMM, social media, email and affiliate marketing.
• Worked directly with the Inventor/CEO to obtain initial funding and bring the product to market.
• Generated over 70% of the company’s first year revenue (over $5 million) as the On-Air Live TV Shopping sales person/corporate representative on QVC, QVC-UK, QVC-Germany, HSN and the Shopping Channel – Canada.
• Launched multiple computer accessory and software product lines internationally via direct-to-consumer (DRTV, DR radio, DR print), eCommerce (PPC, SEO, SEM, SMM, social media, email marketing), PR, promotions and events.
• Sought and negotiated international distribution in over 6,000 retail locations by creating and executing all marketing, advertising, PR, sales collateral/training, packaging, POS, strategic alliances and business development resulting in expansion into Canada, the UK, the EU, India and the Pacific Rim.
• Seven national marketing awards and honors from the Consumer Electronics Industry in the first three years including Yahoo Tech’s Last Gadget Standing at CES, top Computer Accessory at RetailVision 2007 for The Tornado™; Top 10/Best of Show/G4TV at CES for iTornado™ and PC-to-PC File Transfer for Dummies™ – 2008.

Clint Hughes Consulting 2001 – Present
Engagements based on “needs and availability” since 2001

A full-service marketing and business development consultancy driving revenue through multiple channels with clients across diverse industries.

Provide marketing insight across several disciplines including digital and strategic alliances. Select client highlights include:

  • McKinsey & Company, hired to consult regarding eCommerce, Marketing Analytics, and Web Content Development platforms within Medium to Enterprise sized companies.
  • JM Bullion – Company reached #1 in organic search for several keywords after implementing my “Above-the-Fold” strategy, meeting their $10K weekly sales target within 2 weeks of launching SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • CGT Health – Developed patent, and go-to-market strategy for a device to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Walc – Provided marketing advisory services for new ground-breaking mobile app.
  • Texas Homeland Security Alliance – Governmental Liaison/Chairman of the New Technology Committee – built a consortium of 17 companies; obtained bi-partisan endorsement of $7M Intermodal Security Enhancement Project.

DirecTV/Primestar                                                                               1995 – 2001

B2C and B2B digital satellite TV

Director of Marketing and Promotions

Managed all advertising agencies and created/executed all marketing and advertising. Offline – DRTV, DR radio, DR print, PR, promotions, sales collateral, sales support, call centers. Online – launched company’s eCommerce presence.

• Drove subscriptions from 400,000 to 10,000,000 through 2,500 direct sales reps and 5,000+ retail locations in 97 different Nielsen markets.
• Created and implemented the SWEEPs Direct Sales Strategy, the company’s #1 direct sales tactic.  SWEEPs is an acronym for Sales With Equifax, Events and Planning.
• Used the Equifax “Big Data” to determine the tactics to be used to market to the psychographic segments with the greatest propensity to buy digital satellite TV.
• Wrote the corporate manual, “Advertising with DirecTV / Primestar…1…2…3” used to train field sales personnel and independent distributors on a layered marketing/branding campaign.
• Spearheaded the corporate push into e-commerce in 1996.
• Developed co-op procedures and trained regional marketing managers on program execution.
• Leveraged $400,000 of advertising budget into $3.5 million advertising coverage for DIRECTV 500.
• Developed and executed over 200 promotions per year.
• Won the satellite industry’s national marketing awards in 1996, 1997 and 1998 for record-setting sales.

MBA, Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business, Dallas, TX.

BA, Journalism, University of Houston, Houston, TX.

Certified Marketing Consultant

Certified in SEO and Social Media