It is time to incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Startegy into your B2C or B2B corporate marketing?  As a Marketing Consultant I will evaluate what you have been doing, what results you want and develop the most cost effective way for you to reach your goals.  An overview of some of the services I provide include:

* A review of all your marketing channels from TV, radio, all forms of print and outdoor to your current digital channels – your web site, eCommerce, PPC, CRM, SEO and Social Media Strategy.  Then we will review what you have budgeted and how we are going to use those funds to attain your revenue goals.
* Development of a totally Integrated Marketing Solution based on the most cost effective channels to reach your targeted customers – AND GET RESULTS!
* Writing, producing, directing, placing and tracking all your Branding and/or Direct Response Advertising via TV, Radio, Print, Inserts, Email, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC, Affiliate Marketing (web alliances) and Social Media Marketing.
* Budget planning and execution.
* Business Development.
a) New uses and applications for your core product, core technology and/or services.
b) New sources of revenue.
c) New channels of distribution.
* Strategic Alliances – mutually beneficial relationships to drive revenue for all parties.
* Sales Training and Sales Tools – I’ve made teams of 2,500+ field sales reps successful, what do you need to do to drive revenue?
* Design and develop all forms of sales collateral – from pitch kits to POS.

You might ask, “How is it possible for one person to be so well versed in all these aspects of marketing?”  From years of being “a department of one” for fast growing entrepreneurial start-ups through years of being an independent marketing consultant I have created, developed and executed award-winning marketing programs.  I have the “hands-on-been-there-done-that” experience.  My experience with multi-national conglomerates proves that I can be a contributing member of a large team.

I can build, lead and mentor a team for you – or just bring a new perspective and new energy. The goal? More customers and more revenue!

I would be happy to discuss with you the many different ways that I can enhance your team.

Clint Hughes