Success Stories

MediGain, Healthcare B2B – $3M to $50M – Sales Support

What do you do? How do you do it? What makes you different?
You need to provide collateral material your Sales team can use to present and sell.  Your Sales people can “sell off the page” walking the prospect through a complicated process. In the very beginning, I hit the road and met with a dozen of our biggest clients asking “How can we best represent the process?” What matters is what works for the customer. In 2012, nobody was showing the revenue cycle in a circular format, now most RCM providers use a similar format.  If you want to know the VOC (Voice of the Customer) you need to ask!

Extending the brand into SaaS, MediGain InSights

As healthcare gets more complicated, it is not a practice – it is a business. Data driven decisions can improve healthcare.

For a more complicated process, more of a flow.
Conventions give you valuable face-to-face opportunities.

Greet them at the front and then walk them to the back of the booth. The Sales people can stand and present, taking the prospect through the whole process – and then give them collateral materials to reinforce the presentation.

APMEX – $700M to $1.4B in 1 year w/only $6M AdWords
JM Bullion – from Page 10 to #1 Google SERP in 18 months

eCommerce, PPC, SEO, SEM, Marketing Automation, Omni-channel Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social, Mobile, Attribution Modeling
Many CMOs lament about their “product becoming a commodity.” Try selling THE commodity, the toughest product to sell, GOLD! You cannot have a 25% off sale with gold – the world markets dictate the cost per ounce.  Here are two of my clients coming is as the top 2 organic results on Google – January 21st, 2017, still there more than five years after implementing my “Above-The-Fold” Strategy

APMEX – the world’s largest B2C eCommerce retail website for consumers to diversify their portfolios through precious metals.

Developing all creative and executing all marketing and advertising.
Digital Marketing – Marketing Attribution, PPC, SEO, social media, mobile, email and affiliate marketing.

Traditional – TV, radio, print. PR, promotions, sales collateral, sales support, call centers

• Increased revenue by 100% to $1.4B in one year through complete overhaul of PPC and SEO structure of website; increased ROI by 113% and lowered CPA by 26%.
• Doubled emailed revenue from $10M to $20M per month (within first 90 days) and grew social media channel from zero to $5M.
• Reinvested ROI from newly created PPC strategy into high-value keywords, growing PPC spend from $50K to $650K per month while boosting overall revenue significantly.
• Launched the world’s largest mobile eCommerce site with shoe string budget of $270K and an accelerated timeline of 10 days; attained record-setting $170M in monthly sales and gained national TV exposure on Bloomberg and CNN.
• Positioned company in Top 3 organic results for Google, driving thousands of clicks and millions in revenue.
• Introduced affiliate channel, delivering $1M per week in sales.
• Achieved 300% improvement in rate of registrations by creating and implementing acquisition and cross marketing program, “Register to Win a Gold American Eagle Coin” promotion.
• Increased the Sales Department’s percentage of revenue from 2% in 2010 to 27% in 2011 by driving calls into the call center through Sales Support, Sales Training, PPC, SEO, SEM and email marketing.
• Developed company’s first Lifetime Value of a Customer model for greater segmentation, thus increasing revenue.

Data Drive Thru – How do you take an idea from the CEO’s head for a new computer peripheral, turn it into a product, win THE award at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), get on CNN, QVC, HSN and generate $10,000,000 of international sales through 6,000+ retail outlets in only 18 months?

Below is a video demo where we had two Microsoft Certified techs against the Data Drive Thru team of an 8-year-old-girl and a chimp.  This video helped us win the Last Gadget Standing competition at the Consumer Electronics Show.  Being named “Best Gadget on the Planet” gave a huge boost to the launch.

HUGE success selling The Tornado on QVC July 5, 2007 the “Today’s Special Value”  I’ve been up 38 hours straight – I really did think one of my friends was trying “to punk” me with the call-in question.

Here is the launch on QVC where I sell The Tornado on this LIVE shopping channel. This turned out to be one of the most successful launches in QVC history. (You can see my disappointment that we sell out so quickly). NOTE – at the beginning are the “teasers” that aired before I went on screen.

We needed a different name and a different configuration to sell on HSN and the Shopping Channel in Canada. We teamed up with the Wiley people for the PC to PC File Transfer For Dummies.

Here is the two minute infomercial of The Tornado. Written, produced and directed by Clint Hughes  Marketing

Here is a one minute version where we had the President/CEO/Founder/Inventor issue a challenge. “If you can connect two computers and transfer data faster than The Tornado, I pay you $100,000 dollars.” Many inquired but no one would/could take us up on the challenge.

Here’s the Two minute version of the $100,000 Challenge

The Retail Video Loop. I took elements of the previous videos/infomercials. I designed and sourced POS displays that had a 7″ video screen in the top (picture of the retail POS display below this video). This not only educated the consumer, it educated the sales people on the floor. Sales at the retailer increased 15X. Moral of the story: Show and tell = SALES!

Here is the video POS that was placed in a major electronics retailer.

Retail POS

This increased sales by 15 times

Retail Packaging
Here are examples of the retail packaging for the Data Drive Thru product line.

The Tornado Retail Blister Pack

Available in over 4,000 retail locations

Here is the PC to PC Filr Transfer For Dummies retail package

PC to PC File Transfer For Dummies retail packaging

Same patented technology as The Tornado – just a different configeration and packaging so it could be sold on HSN and the Shopping Channel

Here is the “but wait – there’s MORE!” offer for both the DRTV spots and the units we sold on QVC, HSN and the Shopping Channel

PC Eraser

The added value of $29.95 with each purchase of The Tornado

Here is the retail packaging on the best PC protection software

PC Armor Retail Box

The best way to protect your new PC.